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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


 ITAC17 Time for Challenge 3 - Oceania! O-M-G! 
I'm getting so much fun and guess what? Learning a lot!! I didn't know Oceania has a lot of stories and legends which have been passed down through generations..  and this is a different challenge!

The Rules:

Whatever form your project takes, it should tell a story, be inspired from the images below, and should include at least one of the following elements;
  • Patterns inspired by traditional symbols (Maori tattoos, Dots/dashes of aboriginal Arts…)
  • Think Monochromatic black and white or think colors of the Earth.
  • Some sort of organic or natural material(s) (earth, stone, bone, bark, wood, fibres…)
  • Shapes inspired by traditional or indigenous art

    Inspiration Board

    Challenge 3 - Oceania

    This is my project inspired in Ranginui & Papatuanuku...

    The myth of the Sky Father and Earth Mother describes how their tight loving embrace keep light away from their children yearning for a break from darkness.. The children separated the couple and brought light in to the world.
    (Short story)

    My interpretation...
    The blue is Rainginui (Sky Father) the brown is Papatuanuku (Earth Mother) the two pieces of bark mean the separation and the gold is the light in to the world.

    The black and white are symbols inspired in Maori Tattoos and dots from aboriginal art.

    For my piece of art I use watercolor paper, Lyndy's Stamp Gang Mists and black and white acrylic colors.

    I love the story and I hope you like it too!
    Thanks ITAC17 for these beautiful challenges! 
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    Thanks for coming to my blog!